Our website is named after the movie The Odd Couple a 1968 film based on a play by Neil Simon. It's a comedy of two very good but very different friends becoming roommates and the entertaining disasters that ensues. It also happens to be one of Daniele's favorite movies.
 It struck us as a fun and fitting name for our website, because let's face it, we do appear to be kind of an odd couple: Daniele is Italian, Sue is Korean-American; Daniele is tall, Sue is petite (not short, thank you very much); Daniele is a social extrovert, Sue is a quiet introvert; Daniele is an IT geek, Sue is still in the analog age; Daniele plays the game to have fun, Sue plays the game to win.
Somehow we managed to find each other and despite the finite differences, there are an overwhelming number of similarities. Some similarities can be listed off and some can't necessarily be explained. The inexplicable mix of differences and similarities make us an odd but undoubtedly happy couple.
The website was created to share with you, our friends and family around the world, pictures of our trips and adventures.